Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Diving into #ntchat

Tonight I joined the infamous #ntchat on Twitter, which features several master-educator moderators, such as Lisa Dabbs and Paula Naugle, and new teachers from around the world.  I was timid at first - would my ideas be good enough?  Would I say something inadequate?  Two minutes in and I knew this hashtag was gold for any newcomer on the education scene.  The amount of support and resources being shared was inspiring and reaffirms that I'm in the right profession; a profession that won't leave you hanging by a thread if you feel lost.  I also met a Cohort F alumni, Natalie Dunn, in #ntchat which was a real-life, meaningful experience for me.  She only graduated last year and she's already made her mark on the world of teaching.  Check out her website, The Rookie Teacher!

Looking forward to joining #ntchat again next week.  If you're a new teacher, Teacher Candidate, or someone with information and support to share, tune in to #ntchat Wednesday evenings 8-9pm EST.  Let's Tweet it up!


  1. I agree with you - #ntchat is incredible. The pace is quick enough to keep the conversation going, but not too fast as to make it impossible to follow. At the end of the chat I always seem to have 10+ tabs open of sites to check out. Glad you jumped in tonight!

  2. Thanks Aimee! Looking forward to jumping in again next week. Completely agree with you about the 10+ tabs... almost can't keep up with the amount of bookmarks I now have! See you next week :)