Tuesday, 7 February 2012

eBook: AC at the Zoo!

This is my first attempt at creating an eBook, and I have to admit that it was going pretty well... until I realized that there are some difficulties when trying to upload a PowerPoint presentation to Blogger or any other type of website.  So, after many trials and tribulations, I decided to take a video of my PowerPoint presentation in action with my iPhone and then upload that into iMovie, edit it, and export it as a .mp4 file.  I've learned my lesson... will stick to SlideRocket next time or some other form of eBook-making option.  Alas, I have a pretty not-so-good-quality video but the transitions look FABULOUS :) Under the video, you'll find an explanation for AC Bonkers and all the awesomeness she brings to Brock University's Cohort F! 

One of our Cohort F advisors, Gail Phillips, introduced us to AC Bonkers very early on in our Teacher Education year. She is an adorable frog that students in a Primary Language Class at Pilgrim Wood Public School in Oakville love to read and learn about. Cohort F Teacher Candidates were given the opportunity to be pen-pals to these wonderful students and we exchange letters and other fun activities occasionally to help each other out through the (sometimes) stressful school year! We also have the opportunity to take AC home for a weekend to document her "adventures" and then create a book based on them that could be used in the PLC program. I was lucky enough to steal AC away for Thanksgiving weekend of 2011, when my family and I decided to spend the beautiful (almost summer-like) day at the Toronto Zoo. AC met a ton of fun animals and had a fantastic time! I created a book of AC's adventures and thought that these photos would provide a great opportunity to create an eBook for not only my Tech class, but to send to the students in Pilgrim Wood's PLC as a way to show them how they can have fun with their reading and writing, too. I hope it works!


  1. Awesome eBook!!

    I was having the same difficulties as you and I tried to upload my video into Sliderocket and loss the sound. After looking things up on google I eventually found a website that explained how to do it in a much easier manner.
    I am not sure if your version of PowerPoint is the same as mine, but under the file menu, I have an option to Save & Send. From there, I was able to create a video which could then be easily uploaded into Blogger.

  2. Wow again... great e-book. I'm sure the kids will love it. I was kind of expecting AC to disappear in one of the cages at the zoo. I guess that wouldn't make it too kid friendly though...

  3. Thanks very much Sandra and Ken! And again, thanks to Sandra for trying to help me figure out all the PowerPoint stuff. Someday, I WILL have it on my blog properly haha :)

  4. Wow...What a fantastic ebook and incredible demonstration of sharing. You went out of your way to problem solve so that you could make this ebook accessible. Thank you Kristen!